Site Panic! Check Your Websites...

What is Site Panic?

vAusTek, LLC originally set up Site Panic to do quick "on the spot" monitoring our servers. It is aimed to be a simple way to check a site from a remote address to rule out the possibility of it being just you.

What does Site Panic do?

Site Panic is an extremely easy tool that checks to see if a site is up and responsive. While it was simple it was very handy.

Site Panic takes the sites that you enter in the form and checks those sites to see if they are up. Simple, right? We also added one very simple feature in that it will re-check every 60 seconds, so you can leave the page up to actively monitor a site or sites, in question.

Isn't there already other sites that do the same thing?

Absolutly and they do it well! We were inspired by the simplicity of Down For Everyone Or Just Me, but wanted to add a few additional features without much bloat, like the auto re-checking and the ability to test multiple sites.

We feel you should have options and use what you like!

Why let the public use it?

Why not? As long as we do not see abuse it will stay up!

So what is up with the backgrounds?

If you get as frustrated as we do when a site is down, you need all te help you can get to calm down!

Share / Comments / Report a bug?

I would love to see if this thing can grow like crazy, so please share using the buttons at the bottom! Want to comment or report a bug? Use the tab on the side! Thanks!